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Solar Energy Savings

Our mission

To Positively Impact Home, Farms and Businesses by Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Energy

Our aim

Our aim is to help homes, farms and businesses help themselves, by saving money on electricity bills, reducing carbon footprint, and protecting against the rising cost of electricity.

Renewable Matters provides Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (SEPC) turnkey projects. We provide an all-in project cost, from initial enquiry, to system design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. We have partnered with manufacturers of premium products and components to guarantee system quality, performance and to accelerate Return on Investment (ROI).



Renewable Matters helps you take control of your electricity costs by designing and installing Solar and Battery Storage solutions that meet the energy needs of your home, farm or business. Solar power is a proven renewable, clean, affordable and efficient technology harnessing the sun's power.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar PV Solutions are good for your home, farm & business, save money, save the environment and secure future energy generation. Our approach to Solar offers you industry-leading advice, products, design and solutions tailored to your needs.

Battery Storage

We offer integrated Solar PV with Battery Storage for your home, farm and businesses, helping you better manage your electricity consumption. We offer full turnkey battery solutions, that analyse your suitability, opportunities, specific technology and installation.

Energy Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting produces the same level of light as traditional bulbs but uses up to 90% less energy. By changing to LED, your business will use less energy, save money, improve the environment and receive the same level of light needed.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Electrification of transport vehicles is the future. We provide an electric car charger installation service for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Electric Car Charging stations work perfectly with our bespoke Solar PV solutions.

Our Suppliers

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  • S Flex


Value from Day One and for Decades to Come

Engineering Efficiency + Advanced Technology = Electricity Energy Savings

When your Solar system performs well, so does your investment. Renewable Matters position’s your home, farm and business for energy management success, with high-performance systems that generate exceptional value over the lifetime of your system.


Commercial (Coen Steel)

  • Installed Capacity: 101.4 kWp
  • PV Panel: Hanwha Q CELLS 325 Watt peak
  • Number of PV Panels: 312
  • Inverters: 2 x SMA 50kw CORE1
  • Orientation: East-West Facing Design
  • Annual Energy Production: 80,000 kWh/Yr
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 47 Tonnes/Yr

New Build Domestic Dwelling

  • Installed Capacity: 11kWp
  • PV Panel: Hanwha Q CELLS 325 Watt peak
  • Number of PV Panels: 34
  • Inverters: SMA Sunny Boy (SB) 5.0
  • Orientation: South Facing
  • Battery Storage: 15kWh SONNEN Battery
  • Annual Energy Production: 9,900kWh/Yr
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 4,029Kg/Yr

Health Service Executive (HSE)

  • Installed Capacity: 9.6kWp
  • PV Panel: Hanwha Q CELLS 320 Watt peak
  • Number of PV Panels: 30
  • Inverters: SMA 10 kW
  • Orientation: South Facing
  • Annual Energy Production: 8,640 kWh/Yr
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 4,112.6 Kg/Yr

Domestic Dwelling (Retrofit)

  • Installed Capacity: 3.9kWp
  • PV Panel: Hanwha Q CELLS 325 Watt peak
  • Number of PV Panels: 12
  • Orientation: South Facing
  • Battery Storage: 5kWh SONNEN Battery
  • Annual Energy Production: 3,510kWh/Yr
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 1,670Kg/Yr

Domestic Dwelling (Retrofit)

  • Installed Capacity: 3.9kWp
  • PV Panel: Hanwha Q CELLS 325 Watt peak
  • Number of PV Panels: 12
  • Inverter/Battery: Sonnen Hybrid Eco
  • Orientation: South Facing
  • Annual Energy Production: 3,049 kWh/Yr
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 1,461 Kg/Yr

Source: Electricity Fuel Mix Emissions 0.476 kg/kWh

Live Monitoring System

Leading Monitoring Technologies and Know-How to Maximise Your Energy Production

A live monitoring system empowers customers 24/7 to enhance performance, whilst reducing operation and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the Solar system. This monitoring enables customers to maintain, manage and plan the energy consumption of their business. Any abnormalities can instantly be highlighted which decreases the risk of energy production being reduced.

Mayo County Council Library Photovoltaic Monitoring System


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We have are an experienced team ready to deliver an efficient and reliable service to your home, farm and business.

How Solar Works 365

15 Years of Data Proves Solar Technology in Ireland

Source: Solar Power Europe - SolarGIS

explainer graphic
  1. In Ireland, 365 days of every Year, sunlight falls on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels.
  2. Solar PV panels produce electricity in the form of direct current (DC).
  3. This DC electrical power is converted into alternating current (AC) by an Inverter.
  4. This AC electrical power is what your home, farm or business consumes on a daily basis.

Every day your home, farm or business uses electrical energy in kilowatt hours (kWh) to operate. Currently you buy this from the National Grid (NG). Renewable Matters installs a Solar power system on your roof. This produces the same kilowatt hours (kWh) of electrical energy, thus significantly reducing your need to buy from the National Grid (NG).

Solar Power is the Fastest-Growing Form of Renewable Energy Worldwide

Ireland’s Solar Resource

Ireland exhibits significant Solar energy generation potential. This is comparable with Northern parts of Germany, the Netherlands and much of the United Kingdom (UK). These comparisons on Solar energy levels are significant because all of these countries have a mature, proven, successful Solar Photovoltaic (PV) record.

Ireland’s temperate climate is suited to the development of Solar energy generation. Our lower temperatures significantly improve the performance efficiency and lifetime of Solar panels. As a guide 1kW of installed Solar panels (4 Panels) will give an annual production of 850kWh/Yr - Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

For further information on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, products, Ireland’s Solar resource and Grants schemes available in Ireland, please visit the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) website at www.SEAISolar.ie

  • Are Solar panels right for my home, farm or business?

    Yes. However, there are numerous factors to consider when determining if Solar is the right choice for your business. Solar PV systems only generate electricity during the day, predominantly around the middle of the day.. You will need to consider when & how you consume electricity and match this to the pattern of generation from the Solar PV system, and the pattern of energy usage. Consideration must also be given to the orientation of the roof, and any potential shading from nearby trees or buildings. The optimal Solar rooftop application is one that which faces south with no shading.

  • Do Solar Panels Work in Ireland?

    Yes, Solar PV systems will generate electricity in Ireland, even overcast days. In these conditions they will not be able to produce power at their maximum rated capacity (the figure in kilowatts (kW)), rather at some fraction of this figure. Solar panels will perform at their best in direct sunlight and therefore Solar PV systems in Ireland will typically produce less than other, sunnier countries such as Spain.

  • Do I need Planning Permission to Install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels?

    Yes. Solar PV systems installed in a domestic setting under 12 sq. m (50% of the total roof area) are exempt from planning. Anything above this will require planning permission. Solar PV systems installed in a commercial setting under 50 sq. m (50% of the total roof area) are exempt from planning permission. For any systems larger than this in a Commercial or Industrial setting, planning permission will be required.


To ensure you get the best value for your investment, Renewable Matters offers innovative financial solutions and expertise, to maximise your incentives and minimise the cost of capital.

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